Saturday, July 18, 2009

Peace ^^V sigh. =.=

The day with no test in this month.
Going to hang out.
say peace.^^V

But the assignments are waiting for us.
We still unable to have a rest.
The second tests, presentation..bla bla bla..

End of week 7.
Beginning of week 8.
6 more weeks to FINAL.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Date : 8-7-2009
Time : 11.30a.m - 2.30pm
Venue : Seoul Garden, Gurney Plaza

This is a sudden plan of all of us.
Only 8 people join this.
We have lots of FUN there because of Ah Cheng(Organizer).

Ying + Ean + Cheng + Hsuan.

Hsuan + Wen.

Ying + Cheng


Sundry + Jervis are busying.

This is created by Ling.

spend about 3 hours there..

The result is...

side view

Top view..

These all is only eaten by 1 person..
All of us get shocked.

She is our queen of prawn..

Queen of prawn + King of meat
= "hye boh" + 'ba ong" (named by Cheng)

End of the gathering. ^^V

***Test is around the corner.
Let's start our revision.
May GOD bless all of us get a good result in test.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Belated Birthday celebration

Date : 3-7-2009
Time : 6.00pm
Venue : Redbox, Gurney Plaza.
People : Elvira (Birthday girl), Sylvia, Jas, Naomi.

Our 1st destination is VIOR.
As Elvira has a discount card specially for Birthday Baby.
Get a pants there.
The college entire really make me crazy.
As I don't have much long pants.
Need to get some long pants and not all the pants can suit me because of my height...T.T.

Having our dinner at there + singing session.
It is a buffet. The food there seem attractive.

Jas with Food. =P

The dessert.


Jas & Sylvia.

Elvira & Sylvia

Opps. It is really not enough time for us.
A bit rush.
I can't fully enjoy in both singing and eating session.
**Ms.Jas can't stop eating. geng.

Uptown girl.

Stop it.!!!!!!! =P

A present from 6 of us to her.

The next day.
Due to some reason.
Ms.Elvira refused to go to work.
She wants to go Queensbay. =]

Our lunch + dinner.

Tom Yam Soup.

Get nothing from there, except a delicious + cheap meal.^^V

Reach jetty at 9pm, daddy drops mummy at Econsave.
Then we go to kopi tiam here my little shao ye's tuition center.
haiz..I'm quite exhausted. Almost fall asleep at there.
Really can't hang around in Econsave anymore.
Sorry mum, leave you alone but you seem quite enjoy.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Miss Elvira

Happy Birthday Miss Elvira.

Thanks for the friendship..
Thanks for fetching to me jetty everyday.
Without you, I can't imagine how my college life will be.
Thanks for accompany me to ks..
Thanks for your console when I'm sad..
Thanks for hearing me ks all those nonsense things.
Finally, thanks for bringing me lepak in Penang.
Some places that I hardly got chance to go..^^V

May your dreams come true.!!!! <3