Monday, July 26, 2010

Everything is over.

The previous weeks, it was the weeks that I feel is the worst of my life.

I need my family to beside me.
I need mama's food to give me motivation.
I need didi's zo siao to brighten my life.
I need didi to talk to me, share with me.
I need my buddy to listen to me.
I need a space to release all my unhappiness and frustration.

Every time, I receive the calls I will tell mama I'm fine, I'm very happy.
Every time when I end the calls, my tears will flow out.
I'm fail to control my emotional.

I'm totally feel desperate for my life.
I'm even feel fed up for every single work and thing in here.
I'm totally feel helpless and hopeless.
But now everything is over.

I will learn to be tough.
I will learn to be optimistic.
I will learn to control my emotion.
I will learn to be independent.
I will learn to adapt to the new environment.
I will learn to cure my homesick and friendsick.

I want to be back myself.
The one who cheer people up,
The one who optimistic for every challenges,
The one who happy all the time.
The one who console people when they sat but not the one who need people console.

Thanks for all your concerns.
Thanks to my hubby, a pui.
Thanks to my buddy, Ean.
Thanks to my baby, lili.
Thanks to my sista, Gary.

I'm really appreciate.
I promise I will do it.!!!!

Nothing is impossible.
There will always a rainbow in the darkness.

Friday, July 9, 2010






神木与瞳 - 宽恕

作词:吴本纬 作曲:杨阳

面对面坐着 眼神不屑一顾
挤出的笑容 看起来好突兀
我走错一步 坠入万丈深谷

还是会想起 你的荒唐糊涂
针刚刺在心上 血流已如注
背叛了幸福 拿爱当赌注

曾把感情放逐 何时能结束
遇到你我想停止游牧 让爱归真返璞
漂泊会落幕 承诺说得那么铭心刻骨

努力学习宽恕 原谅那错误
不甘我们的爱 死在半途

希望你能觉悟 我真的领悟
伤口 慢慢愈合 再被爱包覆

My Diploma Convocation

Date : 26-6-2010
Time : 2-4pm
Venue : CA, TARC.

Woohoo..Finally I'm officially graduate from TAR College.
A complicated feeling on me when the moment I wear my gown.
Here end my journey in Diploma and the journey of Degree begin.
I feel touch when papa told me I'm proud of you.
All the efforts I put, worth it.
Papa..I promise you will try my best in Degree.
I trust myself I can handle it well. =)


My cousin. Keong. He is the 1st people to give me the present.
Feel shame to say that this is my 1st time to receive flower. haha.
Such a big big big surprise for me. Touch.

My Buddy.

My Papa & Mama.

My K mum. haha. Elvira's mama.

Dai Lou & Dai Sou. Wish you two stay sweet forever.

Aunty Sook Mey.

Mr. Bo Jiin. My bodyguard on every Mon and Fri. xD

My Jie Jie and his ............hmmm hmmm..Wei Ni. Just for fun. =P

Ah Cheng.

Siew Ling.


Hurray..!!! ^^V.

Flower from my parents. Love it so much.
I manage to see it for 24hours only. Too bad.

Bear from my beloved buddy, Elvira.