Saturday, June 12, 2010

Meaningful Lunch

wow..back from the senseless orientation. arghh..
not to mention about it. It really really make no sense la wei..ishh.
Wasting my time, my money..bla bla bla..
I'm really facing problem when my very 1st day staying at there.
The temperature so high, I couldn't sleep well at the night.
Goodness, I manage to adopt to it a week

Back from kampar, the very 1st thing is to meet up my friends and hanging out for sure.
hahaha. Lepak kao kao. =P
Went to Penang at 10am.
Goshh..the bus ran away.
Maybe too long didn't take bus, blur about the bus schedule.
Thanks to my bro to fetch me here and there. (He never do this for me)

The felling of taking ferry is different. I miss the time I take ferry.
Actually is quite fun.
The lunch of the day prepared by Ms Elvira Lim Loo Ean.
A very big clap for her.
I'm really touch deep inside my heart.T^T

Potato salad.

Pasta. Nice. Better than Pizza Hut. huhu.

Dessert. yummy. i love this.

Dinner at a Japanese Outlet.

Tired face after shopping whole day. =(

My tempura. yummy...

Chicken Chop with noodles.

End of the day.
Really tired but happy. =)

Belated Update - May holidays.

First of all, I would like to Thanks to all my friends that giving me such a memorable holidays before i go to Kampar.
I'm really appreciate the fun, the joke and the happiness that we shared & spent together.

Tan Shuang Yaw
~ Thanks to be my driver, come all over my house just to fetch me and drop me.
Ching Ching
~ Thanks to accompany wherever I want to go, and thanks for The Tao that make me broke. lol. =D
Tan Mern Jie
~Although we not really close to each other when secondary school, but the holidays make our friendship go closer. See you after 2 years. =(

The continuous lepak Trip

1. Queensday
-Sushi King & Robin Hood

Our Couple things. xD

Sushi Sushi, ah yaw loves you much.

2. Tao, Autocity

Oppps..something embarrassed yaw happened. His salmon fish drop on table.
LoL..We can't stop laughing.

Sorry for my unethical action. =P
I'm just trying to help u guys. weee..

My favourite food, Mern Jie's as well..

The view

Pictures of the day.

3. Sunway Carnival Mall, Clinic Cafe.

8 of us went to watch the nightmare.
Omg..we are challenging our strength of our heart.
Seats in front and middle of the screen.
I screamed it out..paisey. =(

Went to clinic Cafe to hace camera session.
Our camera man- Mr. Chuah Xuxu. *clapsssss*

End of the trips. ^^