Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Since the day that we met girl
I've never had anyone make me feel this way
And my heart is sure it wants to be with you
Want to give you the whole world ohh
If you make the promise to me, I'm gonna stay
Without you guiding me, I'm lost and so confused

What will it take to show you I'll be by your side
Girl I got you and I want to give you what you never had
Girl everyday I hope to make you part of my life
Cause you know me and I know you
Girl your love is where it's at..ohhh

I'm gonna be the love that's gonna last
And be the one that got your back
Ain't nothing never that bad
That we would be together
And though we both made our mistakes
And some we never wish we made
But we'll be okay if we just stay together

Oooh..I know he left you stranded
And you paid the price when you messed up your life
Girl I know you're so afraid but I can't write the wrongs he did
I know you saw the lipstick on my window
And wonder'n how many chicks been to my home
I've done my share of playing games
But for you I given up that life

What will it take to show you I'll be by your side

Girl I got you and I want to give you what you never had
Girl everyday I hope to make you a part of my life
Cause you know me and I know you
Girl your love is where it's at..ohhh

I'm gonna be the love that's gonna last
And be the one that got your back
Ain't nothing never that bad
That we would be together
And though we both made our mistakes
And some we never wish we made
But we'll be okay if we just stay together

Baby you're the one I've waited for
Because you gave me what I need and more
Girl its clear that we are meant to be
Together we should be together
Girl I'm gonna be.

Opps. Neyo again.
Crazy for Neyo.
Fall for his song. ahaha.

as i feel tat the lyrics is nice. =)


hmm. well. jz a simple drawing.

may all our dreams cum true.

let's forget the pass, begin the new.=)

I will be celebrating the new year eve in Gurney.
This year quite special as i celebrate wif Elvira. hehehe.
c u guys soon. =P

Sunday, December 28, 2008


She is emo again.
and she feels empty. =<
She is trying her best to find out the reason.
yet she cant find out the reason why she is emo.
Just let it. x(

Saturday, December 27, 2008


she suffers terribly from her tooth yet she is nt dare to visit dentist. =(

Who can cum and cure her.? reduce the pain.?

Opps. Hopeless.

a belated bufday card + a surprising X'mas card. xD
Thx u vy much.
I'm glad tat u still remember me tis sai mui.^^

Friday, December 26, 2008

6 ppl in a class

hmm. well. I dunwan to attend the class d.
I never skip class b4 leh.
wana try the feeling of being skip class. LOL.

Bt at last, I choose to go.
I feel vy irresponsible for my attitude.~ LAZY.
To my horror..gt 6 ppls cum.
ahaha. tis is out of my expectation as i expect jz 4 ppl lik tat. hmm.
I get the pics from HIM.
nt bad wat.xD
Finally I knw my english grade.
aikx. I nt really done well on tat.
Feel disappointed on tat.
How could I score tis grade.?
hermmm..I thk bcz of my presentation.
D-O-W-N + S-A-D.
From the beginning, i really cant accept tat.
Bt then is OKEY.
I'm fine nw. =)

well. goin to pm wif hsuan.
have been a long time i din go thr.
although I nt really lik thr.
Bcz of lalas. ahaha.
bt thn still ok.
at least can window shopping. ahaha.
Find ntg at there.
PDI & PADINI all full.aikx.
thn go for our tea-time.

yummm..marble cheese cake.
although nt secret recipe mia.
bt nt bad.
important is CHEAP.
free of taxes. ahahah.

afta tat..
going bac.
waiting mummy at rapid bus stop.

finally I'm back.
The Journey of The Day. X)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


well. Tis year X'mas quite special 4 me.
As I didn't hang out. LOL.
Why all ppl will get shock when I tol them I didn't go for X'mas eve.=.=
The reason I din go is I really feel uncomfortable.
No mood to enjoy oso.
Cant eat, cant paly.
Meaningless for me to go.
As mummy wan me make a choice between Xmas eve or new year.
Aikx. BABY. I'M SO SORRY. sobx.

The day B4 X'mas eve.
aikx. I duno wan to gv HIM wat as a present.
As I wat oso duno.
I din even hav the sense of art.
But jz try my best la.xD

Yeah..finally I gt the idea.

Although it is simple bt hope he will lik it.
hmmm. i nid to lie him.
LOL. nyaris bongkar if he keep asking.

paisey ya. As i duno hw to lie ppl.xD
I jz wan to gv u a SURPRISE.^^

I really din hav the sense of art.xD

guess. wats tat inside.? =D

hmm. well. nw jz left 2 hours and 50minutes to X'mas.
Marry X'mas.
May our dreams cum true. x)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Date : 19-12-2008
Time : 7.30pm. ~ 12.00am
Vanue : SMK Chung Ling Bworth
Theme:Reborn of Lost Empire,The Legend of Atlantis

The gadjet. well. I was gadjet constructor on 2006.xD

yeah..I'm quite excited to go to the campfire as I didn't go to campfire for a long time d.
I still remember the last campire that I went was last year Krian Campire.
I can't wait for it anymore.
I hope to go there early..but sorry to say about that I didn't have transport.
Hmm..Finally I arrived.

The 1st person tat I met was
~miss Sandra. She was sitting right in front the gate. ahaha.
Next person
~Mr. Alvin. (lolx. I'm nt tauke soh leh)

Then the following were :~
~ my baby ( she seem nt in good mood)
~ lipas ( thx for the pics )
~ pi pi ( u still the same, so slim) xD
~ wen chun ( paisey, I had 4gt abt tat u nt sg.2 gina anymor)
~ Jun Ren ( thx for ur praising) ahaha
~ Ann
~ Ini
~ Yong
~ CLHS Rover.
~ Kor Kor ( thx for ur present )

~ Form 5 jnrs ( They are so CUTE )
~ Krian Scout ( They are cubi as well )
and many la...if list down..i thk 1 page oso nt enough. ahah.xD

Campfire's bruning..

** the pics are from ken. =)

well..something tat unhappy happened.
I can't totally enjoy tat.
I didn't even go for FREE DANCE.
just sit at thr Chit-Chating. xD
Tat nite really gt a bit down.
Lucky He was accompany me all the time.
If nt, I really duno wat to do.
He is so caring. =)

when reach home adi 3.00am.
Gosh..need to wake up at 6am the nx day.=.=
What's a tiring day.?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Summary of the week.

~ Today is the CS nite. well. Thx mummy.
Thx for the dress. It costs 800bucks. gosh..
~The high heel shoes make me feel uncomfortable n weird. arrghh.
I try my best to walk carefully n slowly.
I'm really worry tat I may fall down. Tat time really malu.=.=
Lucky I gt a "TONGKAT" thr.xD
~ The dinner quite sien mia leh. hermmm.

Sun (14/12/08)
~Finally I had watched Twilight
~The love between human & vamper.
quite a romantic story.
~The air cond there make me feel uncomfortable.
~Phew, lucky I got bring "JACKET" along.xD

~Mr.Acer fall sick. It needs to go to hospital for treatment.
~The day without Mr.Acer besides me,
I felt bored. wuwuwu. I miss Mr.Acer badly.
~Hmm. well. fill my time wif Mr.QS.

MR. QS. U make me crazy. =.=

~Finally, Mr.Acer recover from sick.
~My RM80.00 is enuf for me to get my ROXY tat I sick for.
~Sorry if i din care u. I'm so rude leh. =.=

~Oh, lalat. Can u pls dun stick at me.? I'm not shit leh.
~I'm jz a flower. mmmm. kd kd.xD
~Going to meet KFC agn. well. I dint bring enuf money leh.
~Lucky gt Mr.Money. lend me RM50.Thx ya.!!! =)
~I gt sumthg from Bossini.

Monday, December 8, 2008



血管爆裂而死. xD

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Date : 6.12.2008
Vanue : Pisa( pc fair ) + Queensbay.
Time : 12.30pm~7.20pm.

Thx for ur company.
Thx for being wif me in my bufday.
Thx for accompany me.
Thx for ur present.
Thx for ur transportion.
Thx for the fee tat u pay.
Thx for evythg.

hmm.Quite a special bufday.
I will remeber tis day 4ever.=)

frm Yinn. =)

A present from my baby. thx ya. =)
a special gift tat I ever receive.

From Mr. Piggie. =)

Alvin + Winner + Naomi

BaBi + BaBy + Me


thx Elvira.
the pics edit till so sui.
thx for the post in ur blog.T.T


Hey guys. thx for all the wishes & present.
Really touched.T.T

The day before my Birthday.(哀+怒+喜)
Just feel tat myself is goin to die d.
Opps..wth. suddenly receive a msg from kpchuah.
say wana cum n fetch me n attend the jnr final meeting.
well..tat time I'm extremely tired.
I wan my bed.>,<
OK. Fine. jz folo him as he adi cum.
Whn arrive, V straight away go in the meeting room.
aikx. I nt yet having dinner + I'm super hungry man.!!
The feeling jz lik I'm gona DIE soon. LOL.

and the Mr.Tupai.
Totally din respect the feeling of SENIORs.
although i knw u r mentioning sum1.

Finally the meeting end d.
Phew..finaly out frm jail.
goin to hav my lunch + dinner + supper as well.
Thx Ms.MMM for the roti planta+roti boom+teh tarik ais.xD

tat kpchuah. realy keypo la.
a phone cal from lili..
spoil by him.arrghhh..realy peik ceik. FIRE.!!!

a phone call from HIM.
thx for the bufday song.
although gt a bit funny la.
bt touched.x)

The moment I reach hom.(乐)
Opps. Thx GOD.
finally I'm alive. lolx..
plug in the charger..
the inbox is FULL.
Thx baby for the guitar session.
my tears fall down out of my control.hmm.

49:28 phone cal.
thx for evythg. THX.
realy gam dong leh. =)

the moment whn i'm goin to dreamland wif my MR.Right.(乐)
Goshh..连环夺命call from all those juniors.
i'm gona crazy..
the tiredness gone, mr. spirit cum n find me.
anyway I'm shocked of tat..
wat's a surprise...
thx ya..so uhhh xim leh. x)

After send out the msg..DREAM.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008




Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Date : 1.12.2008
Time : 11.30a.m.
Vanue : Gurney Plaza New Wing.

hmm. finally gt chance to go.
paisey to say abt tat, i nt yet been thr. >,<
so will gt a bit excited la.xD
look.! Xmas is around the corner, so tis year Xmas,
Who will be thr to celebrate wif me.? hmmm.

Three of us. Ying. Ean. Hsuan.

the 1st destination~
sure is finding doctor to cure our stomach.
Finally v find Mr. Plastamania. =)

While waiting for the "doctor"..

Elvira and Naomi.

Ying and Hsuan.

Hsuan and Ean.

Can u pls b faster.?
i gona faint bcz of hunger...=(

Finaly cuming.
seem delicious.
My saliva flow out d. Opps.

Yummy. xD

After recover from Hunger.
The nx destination is SHOPPING.
hmm. Gt a pair of shoes.
nid to say BYE BYE to mr $$$ d. =[

B4 end the NEW WING's journey.
Big Apple Donuts is the last destination.
A place tat V will go if v went to GP.
Our Favourite.
V love U so much.

My favourite - Mocha.

Our tea time.

Original. nt bad.



Hmm.B4 v start to hav our Hi-tea.
v gt shocked by MR.HK and his buddy.
"white horse prince" of HER.
(jz do a direct transalation) xD
suddenly feel tat tis world really small.
She sure happy till cant slp tonite.
heik heik.=P