Saturday, September 19, 2009

Switch from "exam" mood to "holidays" mood

Finally finished the sickening + disgusting exam.
The day I waiting for.^^V

Spend all my time dating with Mr.Books.
Opps. It's really my nightmare.
stress + depress.
It makes me mad.
It makes me down.
It makes me crazy.
It makes me exhausted.
It makes me totally out of my control.
Maybe I can't find a suitable way to release it.

During the day before exam,
It's really torturing me.
I can't really sleep well..
Maybe I'm too stress.?
Maybe I haven't well prepared to fight for it.?
My heart keep pounding.
Feel like I'm going to get a heart attack anytime.
The thing I read keep floating out and flying here and there.
Anyone can help me.?
I'm really need somebody to listen to me.
But I know everyone feels pressure as well.
So the only thing I do to is Sing Out Loud.

Thanks for all those that support me.
Especially babi
Even a simple message with a +u and good luck.
I feel warm and touch.
It gives me some motivation.
Thanks for my ji muis that listening to my "bitter water".
Well, I know.
I'm good in complaining this and that.

This exam period I have already slim down 1.5kg.
Should I happy for that.? lols.

Everything is over.
What I can do now is pray for it. =]
Planning to spend my holidays in front of pc,
with all those movies that I wanted to watch before...
bla bla bla..
Hopefully I will be able to finish all.
Or else, I'm outdated.

Airplanes are flying here and there.
I didn't put any hopes on that.
I know the plan not as smooth as what we predicted.
so just let it.

The day after the exam.
I'm still unable to switch my mood from stressful study mood to relaxing holidays mood.
I need sometimes to accept it.
But I just spent about 30 minutes to do that.

Go to Redbox.
I'm really enjoy it.
Singing like nobody,
sorry if my singing torture both of your ears.

Friday, September 4, 2009


The day after tomorrow is the time for me to fight in the war.
Feel a bit nervous as it had been a long time I didn't fight.
My energy almost used in the exam.
Feeling like I'm still not well prepared.
Don't bother about that.
Just fight for it.

May God bless all the candidates that taking Exam.!!!
You can do it.^^

best regards,

Good luck & all the best.