Sunday, November 29, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Haji

Spent my Raya Haji with my little bro and Hwey Yinn at Queensbay Mall.
My didi said I must bring him to go or else he will become Otaku. (zai nan).lols.
This is quite a boring journey as I didn't even have the chance to window shopping.
Just busy searching for his clothes.
I almost forget the Body Glove shop is at the ground floor.
End up, He bought the polo tee from Brandsoutlet and he likes it.
Or else, I will be killed if he complained.
How pity am I.? lols.
Feel like myself just like his mummy when waiting outside the fitting room.=.=

I thought bring him to have lunch at McDonald's.
He chose T Bowl. Oh man.."so clever"..!!!
Sigh..I never spend so much money for food that not worth it.
Maybe I'm kiam siap.
This is my very 1st time.
Actually got a bit xim tia.
feel worth it when see him feels happy.

Too many people there and we need to reserve.
Wait for 30 minutes. =.=

Didi and Me.

Ms.Yinn with her T bowl.

Yinn & Ying

Didi meet his friend there. Busy pressing hp. =.=

End of the day.
Spending much on the trip yet didn't get anything.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I so surprise when someone told me what you said about me.
This let me feel that I'm so silly to do all those things just because of you.
I try my best to help you, end up I get the words that hurt me a lots.
This let me feel that whatever I had done meaningless and senseless.

Sigh..How stupid am I.?
I'm really sad because of that.

Why don't you view from another side and think.?
Why don't you be optimistic for thing that happened around.?
Why must you so stubborn.?
Why must you think that no people care about you.?
Why must you think so much on such a simple incident and make yourself suffer.?
Why must you talk something that you know it is sensitive to me without care about my feelings yet you blame me for too sensitive.?

I'm really get shocked when others facing the same problems with me.
They get hurt in the end just like the story happened on me.
I'm so sorry to blame on other people for treating you like that.

Now I realise. I can't hear from a party.
Thanks for letting me to learn a lesson.
Nothing much I can do.

From start now, I won't care it anymore as what I had done nobody even appreciate it.
I'm don't want to be a STUPID anymore.
May God bless you.

***I'm not saying anyone. Just summerised the incident happened.xD

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Western Food

Hurray..finally have a gathering with my classmate for this sem.
Seem like every sem we have a small gathering.
Although not all of Y2M15 join this, I know their souls are with us.lols.

I'm so surprise to meet my baby there.
So uhh ean.
This had been a thousand of month I didn't meet her.
and Thanks for helping us to take the pictures.

Yummy..Sundry say my dish like "huan zu" =.=

Everyone busying..

Photograph time.


Oh ya. This is my "jie jie". ^^V.

Dai lou. Nah..this is the roti. Please help us to eat. lols.


Roti King had eaten 4 rotis. xD


Thx baby.Thx a lots. <3

RedBox, I'm here.

I'm really nervous about the result of Business Economics test.
Sob..I didn't write any of the point that mentioned by tutor.
What can I do.? Just pray for it.
Namo Ami Tofor..
My heart keep pounding at the fastest speed.
Feel like myself will get heart attack soon. T^T
Phew..I pass the test and so Ms.Elvira.
Therefore we plan to have a celebration/ relax at Redbox.

Haiz..Just two hours for us due to school holidays.
Not enough la man.~~~
Still got many song I didn't have the chance to sing. sob.
Therefore, I decide to do something as the compensation for me.
heik heik..shhhhhhhhhh.

some videos taken down.

This is only the video I have.
lols. edited version Forever Love.
Sorry Lee Hom.

Thursday, November 19, 2009








Monday, November 16, 2009


Seriously, I'm down.
Down with nothing.
I don't know how to describe with a simple word.
The feeling all mixed up especially sad + stress.
Its make me mad. Gonna burst as a boom.
Feel lost like a kite without a threat.
Fly with no direction.
Fell down from sky to floor, and get hurt everywhere.
Hopefully the cut will recover sooner and sooner.
How I wish I can do anything yet I fail to do it.
Even I simple word, I don't know how to speak it out from my mouth.
The time passed as fast as 200km/h, without a break.
How I wish I can have a deep sleep with 48 hours.
Two more days to go with the Business Finance & Tamadun Islam.
yet I'm didn't even have the mood to study.
Feel stress..wanted to cry out loud yet I didn't have the chance.
I know I shouldn't cry at this moment.
All my mind floated with the scene of him. sigh..
Wishing that he will recover from the sadness soon.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009



Thursday, November 5, 2009


I'm quite busy for the past few days.
Can it consider as BUSY.?
I don't think so.
Nothing to do besides hang out + dreaming.

Last Thursday in Gurney Plaza.

Girls in black. lols.

I ♥ Nichii.

I still
the wallet from Lovely Lane..
♥ shoes form Vincci,
Brands Outlet many things.
lols. Is time to find someone to watt d.
1st target was my brothers. xD

Fortunately I'm still manage to control myself.
Saving money for future.
"Stop Buying Unnecessary Rubbish".

Sunday in Queensbay with Ean's mum and her chubby brother.

The original plan was Tom Yam Mee + Auto City.
End up in Noodles Station + Queensbay, due to the weather. T^T

The tests are around the corner
yet I'm still do not have the mood to start the revision.
Until the day before exam, start to blame myself for wasting the time.
Ahah. This is my bad habit.
It is not easily given up, since I have been said to myself every semester.
Luckily I'm still manage to answer the OMS test.
If not, I think I will be gonna crazy.
Sigh...Nothing much I can say.
This is just a sentence to describe.
"We are the FOOLS that played by the LECTURER".
Simply change this and that, thinking that students are genius.
I don't like her attitude, feel like she discriminates us.
pity all of us. sigh..

Anyways I still want to thanks to you,
as the questions are not as hard as I think.

Next week will be a tiring week.
Business Economics + Commercial Law.
I think I need to start from now and reduce the frequent of facebook-ing.

Tomorrow will be the presentation for Investment game.
Our team, Team Alpha Investment is the first group.
Good luck and all the best.
Hope that we can get into final. ^^V.