Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Redbox, I'm coming.

The day both of us (Elvira + Me) waiting for..
It is coming.
After the class, both of us rush to Gurney Plaza.
Yuhuu..we are really excited.
As we have not been there for a long time.
and both us are really live under pressure.
Wana find a way to release up.

We choose Redbox. Just both of us.
As we don't want to spoil anyone's ear.

First destination is "Shilin" in order to cure our stomach.
Elvira's favourite stall. ahah.

"orh arh mee sua"
I'm influenced by her.

Waaa..it is too delicious.

She is enjoying her XXL spicy chicken.

The next destination is Memory Lane.

Dooodalls. I love all of this.
anyone can sponsor me some money to get this.?

This is what we like to do during shopping.
Testing. lols.
I love this.
but...too expensive la.
wa boh lui buy. =.=
just forget about that.

Finally is our singing session.

Both of us are high.
sing + dancing + shouting.
totally out of key when I sing " when you're gone"
kek tong.
It remind me of something.

She thought she is the singer.xD

We hope to come again.
Because 3 hours really not enough la.
We still got so many songs didn't sing yet.

Too early la. I still don't want to go back.
So hard to get a permission.
Finally I get it.
Therefore, must play full use on it.
Searching the dooodalls again.
This time is MPH.

I'm gona crazy when see them.
They are so cute.
I want to bring 1 of them back laaaa..

Searching for the price.
Sorry, I need to put back as now I'm facing financial crisis.
bye bye.

Ms. Elvira taking pic with dooodalls too.

The last destination is F.O.S.
hmmm. quite attractive.
Attract both of us spend money at there.
I'm fickle minded.
Buy.? Don't buy.?
Buy + Bye.

Bye bye Mr.Money.

Today is the happiest day for me in March 2009.
I can meet my baby and Clovis.
Is time to go back.
If not will be killed by mummy.
Nothing much time left for us to chat.

baby. Clovis not bad la.=D

Thanks Mr.Baba for helping me to get the redbox membership cards.
and thanks the owner. Mr.Jimmy.xD

little bro promise to give me a dooodalls for my 19th birthday.
Thanks 1st ya bro.
You are so cute.
Please keep your promise.
Or else I will come beat you.

Sunday, March 29, 2009






Saturday, March 21, 2009


I'm mad for nothing.
This few days, a bit moody.
A simple word, a simple action or even a sms,
make me down.

~Maybe because of the mid-term test.
I'm trying my best to memorise all the points.
I feel I had prepared well yet I can't even write out the points.
My brain suddenly EMPTY when I saw the questions.
well..It is over. Just forget about it.
Fight for another subjects. ^.^V

~Maybe because of someone.
I'm really fed up on XX.
Why must you say all those words that hurt people a lots.?
Why must you force people to do something that you don't want.?
Why must you give the comments after I had made decision.?
well..I can't do anything.
The only way I can do is ACCEPT.
Because I respect YOU.

~Maybe because of some cases.
I'm fed up on those people that taking advantages on other people.
Those people trying to get closer with you if you can give them some benefit.
Why must they show off for the things that they have.?
Why must they don't even bother someone that just sitting beside them.?
Why must they act like that.?
I'm really can't understand WHY.
I'm not interested to know.

ps. This is just an empty post.xD

**** Baby
Sorry baby.
SORRY for the airplane.
I know you are disappointed on it. =.=

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I got something to say..

1. Daddy ~
You are caring and understanding but sometimes you are unreasonable.
I just want to say..
" not I lazy to cook rice and wash dishes, I'm just back."
"I'm very tired."
But then I still do it with no complains.
I just feel hurt when you scold me like that.

2. Mummy ~
Sometimes you are in bad temper early in the morning.
Sometimes you are impatience.
You have made all of us down.
We really don't like.

3. Collin ( Brother )
"Can you please don't be sleeping beauty.?" I'm late d.
"Can you please don't bath more than 40min in the morning.?" I'm late d.
"Can you please don't waste such a long time to wear the stupid contact lenses.?"
"Can you please be considerate?"
You are wasting all of our time.

4. Shen ( Little Brother )
"Can you please be more independance.?" why must you everything wait for mummy.?
"Why must you point your fingers to any of us if you make something wrong.?"
"Can you don't show all of your 'black face' to me.?"
Seriously, I'm not your maid and you are not 'shao ye' as well.

Sunday + Monday


Wat's a tiring Sunday.?
I need to wake up early in the morning to tidy my room yet I'm late.
After that, Yinn, Aunty & I go to AERO, Jusco.
I find nothing special at there.
I walk all the way round, seek for Body Glove.
I need to get something from there.
Don't you feel ridiculous.?
I can't find any Body Glove in such a big complex.
No idea with that, go to Autocity with disappointment.
Planning to have sing session, but unfortunately we can't find any affordable place.
All the K-boxes are expensive and we find do not worth it.
Furthermore, the environment there.......

This is a badminton day for us.
Hern + Shen + Eison + Yinn + Aunty + I
We go to TCH.
I feel embarrassing as my skill still lose a 13 kid and 47 woman.
Oppps. I think I need more training as my stamina is low.
I'm now still suffering from muscle pain. T.T

Sunday, March 8, 2009


1st day of work.
Work as Digi Promoter.
I am really nervous as I didn't work as promoter before.
nervous + excited + worry.
Moreover, I am the new and non experience promoter.
No choice as Esion need ppls to help him.
RM2X per hours + commission.

These are the info that we need to pass to customers.
Persuade them to use Digi.
Although I'm not Digi supporter.

forced to wear the shirt.
It is just as long as my dress.

Need to take the super blur pic as the camera quality is....

My team leader are Franky & Ben Oo
Both of them are funny + friendly. phewww.
And meet Apple there. lolx.
Seem like a gathering.

~~ I'm apologize if I made u down. T.T~~

At night, we go to Kepala Batas pasar malam.
The people there are so rude.
Sorry to say about that.
They are really rude.
Out of my expectation, I meet ah Aik( my monitor + yan zhi super fans)
He has changed. No more botak + taller( I think so ) haha.
He is shocked too.
It is impossible we can meet each other in such place.

Thanks for the sweet that you gave.
I'm tired that time.
It gives me spirit. xD

Celcom promoters have a stall at there too.
The promoters really CKP.

Friday, March 6, 2009


When I am sad, you are the one who console me.
When I am moody, you are the one who cheer me.
When I am panic, you are the one who make me calm.
When I am unreasonable, you are the one who tolerable.
When I am trying to complain something, you are the one who listen patiently.
When I am naughty, you not even angry on what I had done.
When I am disappointed with something, you are the one who give me support.
When I am blunt, you are the one who polite.
When I need you, you are always by my side.

Thank you for everything you have done to me. x)


"Coz I had a bad day, taking one down.
sing a sad song and turn it around..blah blah blah.."

aikx. Wat's a bad day for me.?
Early in the morning, the sky keep crying.
It really bring my mood down.
My little bro( our shao ye) made all of us gonna crazy.
Collin was angry because he cant had his breakfast with his friends.
I was nervous as I' m late. I might miss the bus.
Run like a dog. Luckily uncle wait for me. Thanks a lot. x)
Skip the unhappy part that made both of us down. ( me + he)

I did enjoy it.
Elvira + Hsuan + Naomi were having their shopping trip at GP.
Hmm. I had not been there for 1 month. ahaha.
1st destination. Swensen..

Soup of the Day


Elvira's & mine

***the pics taken by Ms. Elvira.***

Having fun with shopping.
I tried a shirt at Hush Puppy.
I love it so much but I didn't get it.
This is because of financial crisis.
Better save the money + I'm very poor now. =.=

After 1 hour class, rush back to have movie with Aunty + Yinn + Hern.
As I had promised to watch with them.No choice.

Quite funny. Just feel a bit disgusting when the guy sat beside Hern laugh till like...
Opps..Really swt.

"U win U win. I lose lo.."
3 of us laugh till faint.
Why the sentence 100% same as what I always say..??
Copy mine 1. =.=

Monday, March 2, 2009

1st day..


The result of the second semester will be announced 2day.
This morning. The 1st day of third sem.


I'm extremely worry about my result.
As I don't think I try my best in the exam.
The dream keep disturbing me.
I can't really sleep well.


Hope I can pass. May god bless me & my friends.
1st day of third sem, the feeling really weird.
Maybe I'm still in my working mood.


Or maybe I'm still can't suit myself in the situation.
The moment I saw my result.
My heart keep pounding. I'm very nervous.
I'm wandering if only if I have failed..


Unfortunately I kena "ToTo" + "Magnum" + " Da Ma Cai"
( Cs interview)


I don't want that.
I really can't make it.
I can't go..
No. Is I must not go to the interview.
Sorry about my irresponsible.


This is a short semester with 7 weeks.
I think all of us will be quite busy.
3 subjects.
1 week two lecture class + two tutorial class.

hectic + stressful life begin.....
let's give a hand to welcome IT.