Friday, August 28, 2009

Raining day

What's a day with the rain.?
Nothing much I can do beside doing the revision.
The coldness of the temperature really make me fall asleep.
I can't as it already out of time.
The raining day make me down.
Mr.Sun. I miss you so much.
Hoping you will come out tomorrow.

****I'm here to apology to baby and donut.
As I'm not able to attend the gathering.
Due to some personal reason. =[

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hmm..Is time to start the revision.
After PA class, go to Sunrise McDonald's to do revision.
with Jervis(dai lou), ah cheng ( dai kar jie), ean ( yi kar jie).
But end up......with nothing.
The weather make all of us "boh xim".
and start chit-chating(planning for the day after final)
and photos taking session.
I'm so excited waiting for the day.

say NO to McDonald's.
End up I just eat a sundae cone. aha.

***End of the day***

stop dreaming please..
Is time to start the revision.
shift the mood to study mood.

Just Do It. peace.

I'm just wander why some of the people din't care about others' feeling.
They just think that whatever they think is the right 1.
and they din't even understand.
what to do.?
Just forget it.
I'm not going to bother all that.
I'm freaking tired + fed up.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Random pics in this week

Monday- Presentation
Phew, finally come to this day.
The day I'm waiting for.
This is because after this presentation,
I can relax d. ^^V.
Although I know I not did well yet I'm satisfy with that.
This is because I feel I gt improve compare with previous.
Everything run smoothly. =)

Ying & Ean

We are come from Anderson Consulting Firm.

President & Information Director.



Creative Director.

After that, all of us go to Gurney Plaza McDonald's to have our lunch.
Unfortunately, I'm not feeling well on the same day.
Thanks babi for taking care of me. <3

Tuesday- Normal
As usual, wake up early in the morning.
Go college, attend class.. Go canteen.. Back home.
The only different is Ah Cheng drop me at jetty. Touch. T.T

Wednesday - Cooking + Dating.

The 1st time taking pictures with little lulu.
New Classmate.
Today, Ah Cheng is too excited to go to hostel.
As she never stay hostel b4.
Thx bp for sponser all those dishes.

After that, spend my whole afternoon with babi
and hang out for a movie with friends.

I'm enjoy hang out with them, as there is lots of fun.
The movie is nice but the air condition there made me couldn't really concentrate.
Luckily I still a "jacket" to give me warm.
After that, go to Farlim pasar malam.
Meet Ah cheng there with her bf.
Have a sweet dream at night.

Thursday- Business Game
Last day of the business workshop.
yeah..Everything done.!!!
Our proposal 175 pages.
Give a clap for out CEO.
You are really geng.=)
I'm enjoy listening to babi.
I like whatever story u tell.

Friday - Bad Day
Today not a good day because the rain spoil our plan.
I hate it.
I'm down when i see my babi down.
sorry as I put you in that situation.
On my way back from jetty, the bus driver suddenly give an emergency break.
My lovely tumbler flyvout from the door.
I try my best to save you.
But when I see the lorry step on you,
my heart is broken.
Stand on the middle of the road, pick up you,
and say Bye Bye. sob.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Let's go to the beach.!!!!!

Date: 10.8.2009
Time: 6.30pm - 7.30pm
Venue: Behind Naza Hotel

Currently I'm really live under pressure & getting emotional.
Even a simple word will hurt me lots.
Maybe I'm too sensitive.
Assignments + Tests + Business workshops + Part Time job.
101% stress accumulated.
I'm really lack of time.
Please give me 48 hours per day and let me sleep for 24 hours.ahah.
After the MIS test, we plan to have our lunch nearby..
Because we really hungry till want faint d. kesian. aikx.

Beach party. ^^V. I like this.
It had been a long time I didn't go to beach.
Thx Ean. heart u. =)

love sunset. ^^

Step on the beach.!!!
Improper entire.=[


Stress till act abnormal.

Wind Blow.

Oh, run.!!! Or else my shoes will be gone.

Cham..stress till need to eat coconut leaves to cure it sickness.

Any Tanjung Rambutan for her.?
Feel Free to call me. lols.


You belong with me. <3

Pheewit, Leng lui is cat-walking.

End of the day. 0% of stress now. =)