Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The day we meet again

Date : 3-10-2010
Venue : Little Cottage, Queensbay.

Finally I have the chance to meet my buddy - Ean. Hurray.
I miss the time we spend together.
How I wish you're coming with me to continue Degree together.
However,I'm glad to see that you're enjoying your working life and part time study.
Wish that you can handle it, and I know sure you can. =)

We went to a restaurant named Little Cottage (If I'm not mistaken).
I loved the environment there.
The food was nice and cheap.
Thanks for brought me to this place especially the petshop. haha.

After that, we headed to Queensbay.
Sorry for the balated birthday celebration.
I'm so guilty that I couldn't celebrate with you on time.
I even forget to pass my wishes until the next day I only realised. shame.

Picture of the days.

Happy Birthday to you.
May your dreams come true &
All the best in everything. =)

1 comment:

Elvira said...

Thanks for the post ♥..i enjoy the time too, it let me found back the feel when we hang out during college life btw don't feel guilty about belated birthday celebration as the time we together is the best ever birthday present for me!