Monday, October 4, 2010


Wow..This had been quite a long time I didn't update my blog.
This is due to the lazy warm in my body. haha.
Finally I already been Kampar for one semester.
Everything fine there, but I need to work extra hard to adapt to those environment and situation.
I need to be tough to handle all the problems faced.
Tears isn't the way to solve it.
This I know very well yet I couldn't control it.
Fingers cross to pray for every thing will be fine in next semester.
I need to tell myself not to listen to all those nonsense thing.
It let me feel hurt, if only if I didn't listen to it..
Then maybe everything gona be okay.

The moment I saw everyone packing yet I'm still having the exam,
the feeling was complicated.
How I wish I can go back together with them.
This was the moment which drove me down.
I couldn't imagine how I'm going to stay for the 6 days without roomate and friends.
Those I chit chat when I'm bored, those who brought me to dinner,
those who accompany for badminton when I can't read anymore.
The following days I need to live without these.
Finally, all these come to the end.

I would like to thanks all those who support me.
Thanks to my hubby who keep his promise and his pillow. =)
Thanks to my friend that phone me every night right at 8 o'clock.
I'm so sorry that I shocked you.
Thanks to Hui See that come over to have dinner with me.
I'm appreciate that I have all of you to support me.
Thanks to my papa and mama come over and pick me.
It really touch. =)

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